Boarding @ Meadow Kennels

Here at Meadow Kennels we can accommodate all breeds, shapes and sizes of dogs, we have both individual and family rooms. They are kept to an extremely high standard of hygiene.

We can exercise all our residents individually (unless part of a family), or if they need to be socialised we can accommodate with introducing them to small friendly groups in our secure grassed exercise areas. The exercise is fully supervised and we try as best we can to fit into your routine at home be that walks, treats and feeding times so there is as little disruption to your pet as possible.

Only fully vaccinated dogs are accepted for boarding, and a current vaccination certificate must be produced when booking in. We do not insist on Kennel Cough Vaccine, but strongly recomend it and suggest you discuss this with your vet. Please remember if your dog is coughing the day you bring it in for boarding and we think it has Kennel Cough - it wont be staying.

If you choose not to protect your dog against Kennel Cough, it is at your risk and we will not be responsible for Kennel Cough or related illnesses. We will not accept an ill dog for boarding (eg one that is coughing or has a high feever!) or a dog that has been boarded elsewhere in the past two weeks - due to incubation of infection.

We carefully monitor your dogs health whilst in our care and will call a vet if concerned. This cost will be added to your bill with your agreement.


Single dogs from £13 per day including food unless on a special diet.

Doubles from £24 per day including food unless on a special diet.

Please call for prices for three or more.

dogs in yard